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WEGO Collaboration Programs @ Ubuntu

Collaborate with us to support our mission

We believe in collaboration and a Win-Win spirit. Every collaboration program we are activating includes a clear value proposition in return for your support to any of our incubated projects. We welcome you to support  only projects that fully resonate with you.


  • Build our first WEGO platform to showcase as many regenerative systems as possible from our collective network of real hands-on field experience experts!

  • Accelerate Land and Marine regeneration by giving access to local communities to learn from a world of existing regenerative solutions and access our global network of experts.

  • Document our efforts to create an online and onsite learning platform so visitors and enthusiasts can learn and replicate our regeneration efforts around the world.

  • Buiding hosting and training facilities to allow us to accelerate our collaboration programs and inspire others to come learn and replicate our collective solutions else where. 


Use of Funds

Stage 1 : Incubation

- Identify experts, scientists & entrepreneurs in the respective field

- Clarify project’s viability, requirements and initial incubation needs

- Set Initial collaborations in place

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Stage 2 : Validation

- Clarify site specific budget & validation period

- Initial business plans & projections in place

- Early stage operations set up

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Stage 3 : Start Up

- Clarify investments needs for different scales of replicability

- Business plans validated & projections in place

- Online & onsite course development

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Stage 4 : Transfer

- Ready to transfer technology & Knowhow to local community

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Land Conservation Systems

Incubation Projects


Image by Francesco Ungaro

Marine Conservation Systems

Incubation Projects



Water Retentive Landscape Systems

Incubation Projects


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Regenerative Agriculture Systems

Incubation Projects