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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Ignite the law of attraction with the Power of visualization

When the Why gets stronger the how gets easier

Clarity & Purpose combined w/ massive action turns dreams into reality.


  • My relationship with my Love partner is the single most important relationship in my life. No matter what happens in life I feel we totally have each other's back!

  • Extraordinary Relationships require extraordinary people! You can't make anything good without good ingredients. Admiration & respect for each other is the foundation of our success!

  • Who Am I willing to become to have a great relationship? What am I prepare to bring to the party? If I want to have the best possible partner, I have to be the best partner I can be! Knock every area of my life out of the park!

  • Love requires action! We got to cultivate our love for it to thrive. Genuine communication, commitment, dedication, empathy, kindness, random special surprises, daily details. I am fully committed to do what it takes to make this relationship amazing!!

  • A team without a plan will never win. We are on the same page! Same goals, same values, same vision. We are on the same page on every area of our life!


My relationship with my Love partner is the single most important relationship in my life as no other relationship will have more impact on whether I live a happy life!!!
or not...

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Love & Respect

We both know the importance of feeling loved as a women and respected as a man. We keep that premise as the core foundation of our relationship

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Never allow resentment to build up to a point where communication starts to weaken. Always speak your honest heart. 

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Honesty & Transparency

Trust & transparency about who we are and what we want is also foundational. We are always the same person whether our partner is there or not.

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I am fully aligned with my partner on how we want to raise our children and what sort of activities we want to expose them to.

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Passion & Attraction

Physical attraction is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Therefor we are both committed to staying in shape and attractive to each other.

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Personal Growth

My partner fully shares the importance of personal growth and the importance to be fulfilled and happy as individuals. Who do we need to become to be an ideal life partner?

My love relationship is the core foundation of every other aspect of my life. 


  • My love partner is a kind, committed, smart, active and amazing women! She deeply cares about me and about others.

  • We have a life plan we constantly work on together  We are on the same page! Same goals, same values, same vision. We are on the same page on every area of our life!

  • We are the living and inspiring example of what a healthy relationship looks like. Our relationship gives us the joy and confidence we need to thrive in any area of life!!

  • We love each other deeply. We are both proud to be on this relationship. We respect & admire each other. 

  • We both agree and commit on the communication strategy for our relationship, specially when It comes to disagreements. We don't avoid conflict but know how to handle it with respect until the air is clear

  • We both agree that our relationship comes first. Our needs have to be addressed first. Before our children, before our work, before anyone or anything else.

  • We create time together to cultivate our relationship. Weekly dates, quarterly trips, daily routines together.​

  • Our values and are goals are the same. We never question each other intend.

  • Love requires action! We got to cultivate . Genuine, dedication, understood, kind, What I am willing to do to make this relationship amazing!! Simple special surprises!

  • We love what we do, we love our children, we love our lives but we love each other first!We put the love we have for each other ahead of everything else. We both know is it th e most important thing!

It takes years of effort and commitment to build a strong relationship and it takes moments to destroy it! 


  • We are a living and inspiring example for our children and for others of what a healthy and loving relationship  looks like. 

  • I live a happy marriage where our needs are always a priority for each other and we live a life of joy, peace and deep connection.

  • I feel complete and stronger in every other area of my life as the love, respect and admiration I feel from my love partner makes me confident and happy.

I am solely responsible for the limits I am willing to tolerance for disrespect!!! 

My strategy

  • Learn to communicate effectively - Do you create a context in which your partner can feel free to share feelings, thoughts, fantasies, hurt and complaints without the fear that you will condemn, attack, lecture or simply withdraw? 

  • The ability to share express in an atmosphere of trust, respect and acceptance

  • Pay attention to your partners needs 

  • Express appreciation constantly- something every day? make a list of everything you love about her and keep reminding her 

  • Pay attention to the ratio of negative vs. positive , complaints vs. critics

  • Learn how to deal how to deal with conflict intelligently!! be solution oriented. Make it a race to apologize.

  • Demonstrate your Love. Romantic dinner, flowers, be affectionate, romantic notes,

  • Create space to connect every day, overnight weekly date with effort and tought into it, weekly house keeping date, yearly lifetime Trip to work on the vision.

  • Keep your sensuality life high, sensual massage, candles, music, etc...

  • Get on common life plan together (love, parenting, finance, physical, etc). Not being on the same page on a certain area is what creates 90% of the problems

"I will express appreciation & admiration every day. What I give is what I will get back. If I give love, admiration and respect, that will come back to me. When I give criticism, disrespect and fear, this is what I get back"


Name of Project

Overnight Weekly Dates

Quarter Getaways Lifeplan

Daily Coffee & Gratitude

Weekly house keeping Dates

Target Results

13 dates x quater

1 getaway x quater

91 daily coffee & gratitude

13 dates x quater

Who's Involved





Action Steps

Talk to Caro

Talk to Caro

Talk to Caro

Talk to Caro


  • We are doing sensual and fun overnight weekly dates 

  • We are doing focused weekly dates to talk about important family projects

  • We are having coffee every morning to catch up and be grateful

  • We are doing a quarterly getaway to work on our plans (3 days, 2 nights)

  • We are doing a yearly trip together to discover new places and have fun (5 days, 4 nights)

  • We are constantly showing our love to each other with daily details

  • We are experts at managing conflict resolution with respect and calm

  • Our ratio of positive vs. positive feed is very positive

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When underperforming, go to the source of my deepest desires and make it burn!!!


Many people have relationships based on codependency which is usually about having excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, often one with an illness or addiction who requires support. You then become part of their psycho drama! On the other hand interdependence in relationship is you being who you are, allowing the other person to be who they are yet coming together in a way that empowers and develops both of you!

“For every positive change you make in your life, something else also changes, for the better – it creates a chain reaction.”

focus on making positive changes in your life that will reflect in your marriage and create a chain reaction in your partnerou will show them how your choices make YOU feel about yourself and YOUR marriage.

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