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Signing a Contract

Collaboration Principles

For potential Co-founding Partners & Collaborators

Knowing ourselves is the beginning of all collaboration

We ignite the law of attraction using the Power of visualization

When the Why gets stronger the how gets easier

Combining Clarity & Purpose w/ massive action 


  • Relationships are the single most important source of success in any area of life.

  • Extraordinary Relationships require extraordinary people! You can't make anything good without good ingredients. Admiration & respect for each other is the foundation of our success!

  • Who Am I willing to become as a partner to have a great relationship? What am I prepare to bring to the party? If I want to have the best possible partner, I have to be the best partner I can be! Together we can knock every area of our business plan out of the park!

  • ​Success requires massive action! We got to cultivate our plans for them to thrive. Are we fully committed to do what it takes to make this business relationship amazing!!?

  • A team without a plan will never win. We are on the same page! Same goals, same values, same vision. 

  • When a team member brakes the team's trust or if a team member decides to leave the team, they need to leave the uniform behind!

  • We know that when individual ambitions don't match the collective vision, there lies the source of potential conflict. Before we commit to a business partnership, We make sure that vision and plans are fully complementary & Aligned. Nobody is falling under somebody else's plan, our collective plans are aligned with our individual plans. 


Relationship amongst business partners is the single most important relationship for the success of any venture as no other relationship will have more impact on whether the company achieves Success...or not.

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Speed of response generates trust, lack of response generates doubt. We keep that premise as the core foundation of our relationship

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Trust is Non-Negotiable

Trust is the Foundation of our team's cohesion. When that trust is broken, we have to move on as a team!

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Honesty & Transparency

Trust & transparency about who we are and what we want is also foundational. We are always the same person whether our partner is there or not.

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No fear of Conflict

We Never allow resentment to build up to a point where communication starts to weaken. We Always speak our honest heart. 

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Committed to Action

We are go getters! We know that if it's up to be, it's up to us!  We take massive action and know that any obstacle is a great source of learning! 

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Personal Growth

All partners fully share the importance of personal growth and the importance to be fulfilled and happy as individuals. Who do we need to become to be an ideal partner?

Relationships and trust are the core foundation of every other aspect of business. 


  • Our Business partners are kind, committed, smart, active and amazing people! They deeply care about others.

  • Our Business partner commit to meet every quarter to discuss our plans for 1 full day and make sure we are on the same page! Same goals, same values, same vision. We commit to do the work we have agreed upon diligently with outstanding impeccability. When we don't we admit it and explain why.

  • We are a living and inspiring example of what a healthy business relationship looks like. Our team dynamics gives us the joy and confidence we need to inspire others to join our movement!!

  • We love each other deeply. We are all proud to be on this team. We respect & admire each other. 

  • We all agree and commit on the communication strategy for our relationship, specially when It comes to disagreements. We don't avoid conflict but know how to handle it with respect until the air is clear

  • We create time together to cultivate our relationship. Weekly meetings, quarterly retreats, daily routines together.​ We know that any discipline that can reinforce our friendship is beneficial to our partnership.

  • Our values and goals are aligned. We never question each other's intend. When we do, we discuss it in person.​​

  • We love what we do, we love our team, we love our families, we love our lives but we love each other first! After our families, We put our business relationship ahead of everything else. We all know this it the most important thing for our collective plans to succeed!

It takes years of effort and commitment to build a strong relationship and it takes moments to destroy it! 


  • We are a living and inspiring example for other entrepreneurs of what a healthy and thriving business relationship should look like. 

  • We live a happy business relationship where our needs are always a priority for each other and we live a life of joy, peace and deep fullfillment.

  • We feel complete and stronger in every other area of our life as the love, respect and admiration we feel from our business partners makes us confident and motivated.

We are solely responsible for the limits we are willing to tolerance for disrespect!!! 


  • Learn to communicate effectively - How do we create a context in which our partner can feel free to share feelings, thoughts, fantasies, hurt and complaints without the fear that you will condemn, attack, lecture or simply withdraw? 

  • The ability to share express in an atmosphere of trust, respect and acceptance

  • Pay attention to your partners needs 

  • Express appreciation constantly- make a list of everything you appreciate about partners and keep reminding them. 

  • Pay attention to the ratio of negative vs. positive , complaints vs. critics

  • Learn how to deal how to deal with conflict intelligently!! be solution oriented. Make it a race to apologize.

  • Demonstrate your appreciation. Keep fun and joy at the core of the team: Dinner, jokes, hugs, music...

  • Create space to connect regularly: daily chats, weekly meeting, monthly results, quarterly plans.

  • Build the Company Vision Together on a day long retreat.

"I will express appreciation & admiration every day. What I give is what I will get back. If I give love, admiration and respect, that will come back to me. When I give criticism, disrespect and fear, this is what I get back"


Name of Project

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

Target Results

Metric 1, 2, 3

Metric 1, 2, 3

Metric 1, 2, 3

Metric 1, 2, 3

Who's Involved

Partner 1

Partner 2

Partner 3

Partner 4

Action Steps

Next Step

Next step

Next Step

Next Step


  • Visualize Project 1 executed  

  • Visualize Project 2 executed 

  • Visualize Project 3 executed 

  • Visualize Project 4 executed 

  • Visualize Project 5 executed 

  • Visualize Project 6 executed 

  • Visualize Project 7 executed 

  • Visualize Project 8 executed 

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When underperforming, go to the source of our deepest desires and make them burn!!!

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